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  • Oct 3, 2012


Top Japanese Ad Agencies Announce U.S. Partnership with btrax


IREP Co., Ltd. and D.A.Consortium Inc. choose btrax, Inc. to be their Ad technology research partner in the U.S.


SAN FRANCISCO, October 3, 2012 – btrax, Inc. is proud to announce that IREP Co., Ltd. and the D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC) have selected btrax, Inc. as their official partner for finding the latest advertising technology trends, ad technology and online media venture companies in the U.S. IREP Co., Ltd., a data-driven digital advertising agency, is a leading-edge #1 on-line paid search ad management company in Japan and DAC is a one of the largest digital marketing companies in Japan, which was founded by several of the biggest advertising agencies such as Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc., a large worldwide advertising agency in Japan.

This announcement hopes to give IREP Co., Ltd. and DAC access to the leading U.S. advertising technology coming out of the Silicon Valley. The agreement also initiates a research lab in San Francisco called “Lab+ (Lab Plus)”. Lab+ will be a lab environment where the latest advertising technology trends are researched, evaluated and tested to create new or enhance existing advertising services for customers. The goal of Lab+ will be to provide the best-of-class advertising/marketing technology expertise for IREP Co., Ltd. and DAC customers.

“This selection of two publicly traded Japanese firms gives btrax, Inc. an unique leverage position to access the latest advertising technology and marketing from Japan and the cutting edge advertising technology in the U.S. market. I am pleased with the strength and leading technology that IREP Co., Ltd. and DAC have and we hope to add value by leveraging our marketing knowledge from the U.S.” says Brandon K. Hill, President/CEO of btrax, Inc.

“With this lab, we will collect information and build relationships with local partners in digital marketing, and we aim to strengthen our R&D by acquiring up-to-date information.” says Shunsuke Konno, President and CEO of IREP Co., Ltd.

“We felt that btrax, Inc. with their client reach and influence on site, can provide us the latest trends and emerging start-ups which will enhance our partnerships or acquisitions for our advertising technology R&D and product portfolio.” says Akihiko Tokuhisa, CTO of DAC.

btrax, Inc. hopes to start researching and evaluating key potential partners in early Q4. Please contact btrax, Inc. for more information.


About btrax Inc.

btrax, Inc. was established in 2004 as a cross-cultural Web Consultancy bridging the Japan, China and US markets. Some of the unique services btrax provides to customers are Consulting & Strategy, Integrated Marketing and Branding.
For more information about btrax, please visit

About IREP Co., Ltd.

IREP Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 as a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) focused agency and went public in 2006 (Jasdaq: 2132).

To accommodate the globalization of their client base, IREP Co., Ltd., is known as a Digital Marketing Agency who optimizes and contributes to global clients’ marketing activities using their key strengths from their SEM experiences.

For more information about IREP Co., Ltd., please visit

About D.A.Consortium Inc.

D.A.Consortium (DAC) is a digital marketing company, founded by several of the biggest advertising agencies in Japan, such as Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.
Based on three main services: Media, Technology and Operations, DAC provides high quality service for both buying and selling online advertising through a large network of online publishers.

For more information about DAC, please visit


For more information
Contact: Greg Viloria For Immediate Release
TEL: +1-415-344-0907

PDF Version:
Top Japanese Online Ad Agencies Partners with btrax (PDF)


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