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  • May 27, 2014


How to Boost User Acquisition, Retention and Revenue in Asia

Successful startups scale globally and understand the unique viewpoints and expectations of users as well as the competitive landscape in other countries. In particular, Asia has been a key market; some startups found bigger success there initially than in their own market (such as Twitter in Japan), and others took a long time to find the right formula (Facebook in China).

Startups that are serious about wooing users in other countries invest themselves in shaping the cultural relevance of their product experience for maximum engagement.

Often, this is in response to an immediate opportunity (a sudden uptick in users or revenue from that country), the emergence of local competition that threatens to cut off future business, or the preparation for an IPO (the market rewards companies with traction in multiple markets).

Solving the Problem & Meeting the Opportunity

But what if no one on your team speaks Japanese, Chinese or Korean? Or what if they do, but have little experience in UX, marketing or business strategy there?

This is a common challenge our clients at btrax frequently asked about. In response, we tapped our native language skills and deep knowledge of Asian user behavior and design aesthetics to boost startups’ ability to find a solution quickly without hiring a whole local team.

Understanding the Asian Market

UX is the lifeblood of web and app services. btrax focuses on problems like user flow and retention issues, and then delivers concrete solutions to provide scalability and impact. We also proactively identify opportunities unique to the Japanese, Chinese or Korean marketplace.

Launch With Confidence

You only have one chance to make a positive first impression, particularly in markets with entrenched local competitors. Our team helps you get it right and gain traction.

Build Local Champions

Raw data can send misleading signalsbtrax translates traffic information into actionable improvements. We identify and interpret Asian user behavior to convert initial buzz into growth.

Deep Localization for Long-term Growth

As your user base and revenue grows, more extensive UX design and content localization becomes critical. We can collaborate with you to maintain your momentum by providing a la carte support as you evolve.

Improve Your:  

  • Asian Brand Building: Brand awareness & name visibility 
  • Cultural Acceptance: User & product experience 
  • Local Engagement: Social buzz & champion creation
  • Conversion Growth: Purchases, downloads & signups

Plan 1. BorderScale Boost

Broad review of your entire UX or deep look at a few key interactions.

  • Native UX designer feedback
  • Action list of design problems and fixes
  • Annotated screenshots
  • One page summary of our findings
  • Two hour UX session with your product team

Plan 2. BorderScale Premium

Deep & comprehensive review working closely with your team.

  • Target user and native UX designer feedback
  • Full day UX session and follow-up sessions that fit your product team’s workflow
  • Action list of design problems and fixes
  • Annotated screenshots
  • Marketing copy & UI strings recommendations
  • Long-term roadmap and market considerations
  • Follow-up analysis after changes implemented

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