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  • Apr 5, 2016


btrax and Allegravita Form Strategic Partnership in Asian Markets

Allegravita and btrax announced today a partnership to accelerate the speed and success rate of U.S. brands entering and expanding in Asian markets.

Asia contains the world’s most populous countries, two of the top nations by GDP and some of the largest emerging sources of consumer spending. This substantial opportunity for brands has often been hampered by cultural and economic challenges.

Global Impact

By combining their teams’ network and capabilities, Allegravita and btrax will be able to provide nuanced, nimble and proven services at a level competitive to much larger agencies.

As a leading branding, localization and marketing agency specializing in Asian market entry and growth, btrax is well-positioned to build upon the PR work of Allegravita in Chinese markets.

Allegravita believes its clients’ global impact will be greatly enhanced by this relationship. btrax has built an impressive portfolio of work over its 12 years of operation, working closely with top startups and brands in the Fortune 500. Allegravita’s similar history and extensive presence in Chinese market PR outreach complements btrax’s services to create comprehensive coverage in Asia.

Allegravita sees its own clients’ expansion in Japan as crucial, particularly for clients in the tech sector, and btrax is a perfect fit to provide these services. Likewise, Allegravita will bring Chinese PR and marketing solutions to key btrax clients looking to expand their footprint in the vast new markets of China.

Simon Cousins, CEO of Allegravita, had the following to say about the relationship: “We see btrax as an excellent partner in our clients’ localization for Japanese markets in the future. btrax has an impressive history and an energetic, accountable team that delivers results in key markets abroad.”

Brandon Hill of btrax added: “This partnership with Allegravita will help our clients reduce the complexity of cross-border activities and reap the benefits of having two companies who have deep synergy. The btrax team is excited to offer our robust expertise in Asia across a wider range of clients and locations together with Allegravita.”

About btrax

btrax is a cross‐cultural branding and marketing agency with clients ranging from mature startups to Fortune 100 companies.

Founded in 2004, btrax’s fully bilingual and bicultural team has rapidly grown into North America’s top agency specializing in the Japanese, Chinese and Korean markets.

About Allegravita

Allegravita is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary public relations and strategic communications agency focused on the China region.

For 12+ years, Allegravita has incorporated expert public relations abilities with a firm grasp of contemporary China-region marketplaces to help our clients to communicate more effectively, to generate more leads, to reduce the length of sales cycles, to develop and maintain excellent reputations and to manage crises if they should occur.


About btrax

btrax is an Innovation Design company specializing in UX and Service Design to create innovative products and services on a global scale.

We drive results through our dynamic team of experts based in San Francisco and Tokyo, with backgrounds in design, technology, and marketing.


  • Products and Service Development
  • Brand Development and Growth Strategy
  • Innovation Workshops
Learn more about btrax or contact us at to see how we can help your business.

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