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  • Sep 7, 2012

aquoria homepage

Nostalgia Starts Here- Try aquoria, Our Current Work in Beta!

Where have all the pictures you’ve taken gone to? What about all the pictures of you that your friends have taken? Are they organized well? Do you still look at them?

These are the questions we asked ourselves as we began to build aquoria, a photo-sharing service that will address all these issues, and perhaps change the way we enjoy our memories with our friends and family.

Everyday, Facebook hosts 250 million new photos, and shows no signs of slowing down as mobile uploading from camera phones has become a norm. As new photos are uploaded, old photo albums become archaic and sometimes even forgotten completely. Then, once in a blue moon when we do click through our digital past, we feel like it’s socially inappropriate to “like” or “comment” on pictures over a year ago in fear of being guilty of the taboo “Facebook stalking.” Nevertheless, our longing for nostalgia and reconnection is no doubt there.

Here, I put it to the test on one of my own Facebook pictures. This was taken on a Path train at 5am in 2008 when I attended a Goldman Sach’s Leadership Seminar in NYC. There was an “inside” story behind this picture, and we each at one point used it as our profile picture four years ago. Since then, we’ve gone our own ways and besides the annual “happy birthday” wall post, haven’t really been in touch. The picture was also untouched in that time.

So, I dug it up (I had changed the album’s privacy setting to “only me” years ago) the album out of many a dozen stored on my Facebook and added a comment “What are you gentlemen up to these days?” after four years of hibernation. Instantly, this sent notifications to the tagged friends, and pushed the picture onto their respective news feeds. The photo came alive!

Our mission with aquoria is to make an easier platform for creating and preserving timeless memories such as this one. And the solution? Make collaborative albums. You will be able to create an album by importing from your Facebook archival albums AND uploading from your mobile devices just like some other photo-sharing services available. What sets aquoria different from our “competitors” is that you can now invite your Facebook friends to join in to your event album and collect photos from everyone’s perspectives into one shared album. Perfect for life’s big events like graduations and weddings, as well as vacations with friends and family.

Take a look at this tutorial video we created for more details!

Try it out by signing up HERE. Like us on Facebook. And your feedback would be great! Thank you!

Gather everyone to make the most memorable albums.
Experience Timeless Memories Together.


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