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  • Aug 2, 2012


Sleipnir Browser Wins People’s Choice Award

btrax marketing team (Akiko-san, Midori-san, Greg, and I) delighted the crowds at SF Beta last Wednesday with a new way to browse the interwebs. Fenrir‘s Sleipnir 3 browser won the 1st place trophy by votes of the entrepreneurial community in attendance. At the door of the event, tech-passionate founders, investors, students, faculty and other various community members were given chips to award their favorite start-up demo pitch.

Continuing our roles as Marketing Evangelist, Greg and I rolled one demo after another at our table. The attendance was a bit smaller- 170 people versus the usual turnout of 500, making it a much more intimate event. We were able to be much more attentive and engaging with guests at our table, showing customized demonstrations to fit a variety of interests and needs. The most frequent question that came up was “is Sleipnir available on my [insert your favorite device]?” To which we simply pointed to the collection of gadgets we had brought along simultaneously running Sleipnir and the Fenrir Linker: Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPad, iPhone, and Android phone, Galaxy.

Sleipnir came just above the tight competition at SF Beta in chip count in the end, passing the likes of presentations by cisimplePhone HaloSpatial AcousticsVideoVivo, and our neighbor and friends at Astrid. Our rewards? A shiny trophy and a pack of Sapporo Ichiban instant noodle! (Ichiban means #1 in Japanese) ☺

Thank you’s are due to the hardworking Akiko-san and Midori-san, enthusiastically passing out flyers and drawing everyone’s attention to Sleipnir’s demo table. Thank you, Greg for another great partnership in evangelizing Fenrir’s great product. Thank you’s to volunteering btrax members Shu, and Keisuke-kun for hard work beyond duties. And of course, thank you SF Beta for organizing another amazing event and thank you to all the new growing numbers of Sleipnir fans!


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